[YBA] An INTERVIEW with SBR's #1 Player!

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0:00​ - Introduction/Who is TomHost?
0:35​ - What is your strategy for consistently winning SBR?
1:19​ - What stands/specs do you recommend when attempting a wipe?
1:54​ - How exactly do you use your chosen stand?
2:54​ - What stands do you have the most trouble with in SBR?
3:40 - How many wins did it take to reach #1?
4:00 - How much time a day do you spend on SBR?
4:44 - Do you have any general tips for players/teams that want to consistently win SBR?
5:25 - Do you play the other game-modes?
6:00 - How do you deal with groups while alone?
6:56 - Do you think Leaderboard Players should be rewarded? What rewards if so?
7:50 - Parting words

The discord server! Come hang out:

My Twitch:

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