Training with a Professional Player from Korea: Pre-Preseason Training Week 3 Day 18

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Last offseason training of Week 3!! This day I had my teammate Minaje and Won, who is another professional soccer player and has an experience playing in Korea for Suwon FC (K League 1 Team)!!

Here’s the breakdown of our training:
Short passes/volleys: 00:48
Triangle Passing Drills: 07:46
Long Passing: 15:34
Finishing (Unfortunately only my part, I forgot to film for Minjae and Won’s part:/) : 20:22

Minjae’s social media handles:
Instagram: @minjae00
Tiktok: @minjae19

Won’s social media handle:
Instagram: @won1jeong

About Me:
My name is Shinya Kadono and I am a professional soccer player for Cal United Strikers FC (NISA League) in California.
Just finished my second year as a pro and thought it would be cool to share some of the trainings and things I do off the field when I’m not competing!!
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