The Worst Sci-Fi Novel of 2020 | Ready Player Two Review, Part 2

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The OASIS had the perfect creative environment, rivaled only by massive universes like Doctor Who, but it was squandered by a novice author with no idea how to explore it.

0:00- Intro & Recap
2:57- The Second Shard
16:30- The Third Shard
28:44- The Fourth Shard
35:38- Pointless Side Quest
43:11- The Fifth Shard
55:15- The Sixth Shard
1:15:35- The Seventh Shard
1:16:15- The Assassination of James Halliday
1:22:30- The Terrible Climax
1:32:50- L0hengrin
1:36:24- Aftermath & Resolution
1:43:07- Empathy
1:47:21- Closing thoughts

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