Team P-ROD vs Team MALTO Round Three: Game of O.U.T. | SLS GAMES II

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Welcome to another SLS Games, a very serious competition.

This is a two team, three versus three competition, where skill and passion are put to the test through four rounds. Each round is worth a 2 second (total of 6 seconds up for grabs) head start which applies to the final round.

Round One: DECATHLON ( )
Round Two: THE STAIR DOWN ( )
Round Three: THE GAME OF ( )

Team P-ROD: Paul Rodriguez, Na-Kel Smith, Manny Santiago
Team MALTO: Sean Malto, Curren Caples, Dashawn Jordan

Watch them battle it out in a three v three game of and stay tuned for the winner-take-all FINAL RELAY dropping next week!!

SLS Games II is presented by 7-Eleven.
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