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SQUID GAME Il-Nam Explained | Origins, History, Fan Theory Clues & Why The VIPs All Wear Animal Masks. 오징어게임 We breakdown Il-Nam from Squid Game on Netflix and talk the new clues in the season that mean he could be related to Gi-Hun. This includes a recap of the series and some major spoilers.

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0:00 Squid Game Intro
1:01 Ending Explained
1:26 Il-Nam Explained
3:57 What The Masks Mean
5:29 The Final Game Theory
6:17 Father And Son Clues

Ok so Episode 9 is where the truth about Il-Nam starts to unravel. After not spending any of his winnings, Gi-Hun is given the address to a building where he comes across the character on his death bed. Il-Nam reveals the truth about himself and this also confirms that he also had a brain tumour.

As many of you now know Il-Nam translates roughly to Number One Man and this does somewhat tie into the characters number which we'll talk about later on.

Now throughout the series we learn a lot about Il-nam's past. When he was growing up the character barely had any money but what he did have was a love for games. This included Red Light, Green Light, the Honeycomb Challenge, Marbles, Hopscotch and of course Squid Game. Il-nam was absolutely fascinated with them and to top it off he was a great player of them all which tied into his love of gambling and

Il-Nam came from very humble beginnings and at one point in the series we come across a recreation of his house during the marbles game. The character said that he used to hide and watch his children play games which he would love to get involved in himself. This very much hints towards his future in which he would end up becoming a VIP that oversaw the Squid Games, but still, deep down there was a need to get involved.

Now Il-Nam wasn't exactly the best husband and though his wife used to make him meals that we see being eaten in the series, he definitely put his own enjoyment above his family. Il-Nam used to also beat his son for doing things like asking for chocolate milk and we'll talk about how this could hint towards him being related to Gi-Hun later on.

Either way, we can tell by just how few people there are around his death bed that he and his family became very estranged. Whenever he talks about them in the series it's always as if they're not waiting for him on the outside and because of this we can conclude that they haven't seen each other in a while because of his choices. This is of course reflected in Gi-Hun who remained behind at the end of the series instead of going to see his daughter.

Now where Il-Nam made his fortune was lending money, charging interest and then basically holding people to ransom for the rest of their life. We see Gi-Hun on the opposite side of this where he is constantly chased by Loan Sharks and it is possible that they are working for Il-Nam and basically starving the people of the city so that they're desperate enough to actually enter the Games.

Quickly Il-Nam amassed a vast fortune of wealth and this very much improved his life. However he found himself extremely bored and unable to really find enjoyment in life. Getting the money that he wanted had meant that nothing was no longer a challenge and this completely took the enjoyment out of his life.

Looking back on his childhood and remembering the fun he had playing games, Il-Nam spoke to other people in a similar situation around the world who all felt similar.

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