Richest Jailbreak Player LIA BANNED for this .. (Roblox Jailbreak)

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What is happening? LIA is out of Roblox? She is banned for an outrageous claim and you won't believe it. I will show it in this video. ???? Leave a LIKE and COMMENT ????

LIA (L_iiaa) is known as the Richest Jailbreak Player in Roblox Jailbreak. Last we know she has over Billion cash in Jailbreak. She has been awarded her own exclusive vehicle in the LIA Spaceship. She has been a bit quite lately but now what a shocking news! She is banned by Roblox and that means she can't play Jailbreak no more. Can she save her account or start it over?

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►Outro Music: Chimez - Dan Henig
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Jailbreak June Update is Season 4
There will be new robbery!!

Jailbreak May 2021 update:
????️‍♀️ Jailbreak The Spy Agent Speed Test vs 600K Cars
????️‍♀️ THE AGENT! A spy car that shoots rockets! Limited time to buy!
????‍♀️ INTERROGATOR! Affordable Police SUV!
???? PIT MANEUVERS! Watch out criminals!
⚽️ New Soccer Ball reward: Bonded Wheels!
???? 5B Visits Garage Spoiler!
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