NERF GUN GAME 1.0 (Nerf First Person Shooter)

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A Nerf War meets Call of Duty: Gun Game with Nerf blasters modded and much more! First person through all 20 weapons wins the battle! Good luck!

Featuring these epic Nerf blasters: Samurai Sword (Katana), BowStrike, Mega CycloneShock, Longshot CS-6, Mega Magnus, Stryfe Modded, Mega Rotofury, Dual-Strike, Mega Centurion, Nerf Ball, Demolisher 2-in-1, Nerf Stryfe Modded, Combat Upgrade Kit, Jupiter, Vulcan EBF-25, Nerf Blowdart, Pine Kit.

???? This video is inspired by Aaron Esser and PDK Films. Thanks for understanding!

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