Making a Game But It's 1985

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What was game dev like in the '90s? Well, definitely not like this. But, in 7 days, I tried to learn how to make a game with PICO-8, a fantasy console that tries to emulate hardware restrictions of 1980s video game consoles like the NES (1985) and SNES (1991). I teamed up with the insanely talented, professional, full-time game dev and pixel artist @Reece Geofroy, who created the game’s art, and in one week we were able to put together "String Quest," a retro dungeon crawler game where you navigate two players connected by a string. This was also our entry to the Brackeys Game Jam , which had a theme of “Stronger Together,” and the mechanics were inspired by Murphy's Walk, a game I made for the Extra Credits Game Jam #4 in 2019.

Check out String Quest here:
→ Reece Geofroy’s Video (I'M IN IT):

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0:00 Intro
0:42 friendly chat
1:11 What is PICO-8?
1:51 Core
2:51 Game Idea
3:18 Lua Programming
3:52 Creating Basic Gameplay
4:08 Collisions
4:28 Animation System
4:37 Hazards
4:55 Enemy Showcase
5:36 Enemy Code
6:45 Designing Levels
6:54 Level Loading (who cares?)
7:15 End Flag
7:28 Heart Collectible
7:34 Breakable Walls
7:45 Chests
8:04 Implenting Levels
8:23 Finishing Touches
8:45 Conclusion


"Swing" - PolarChips ()
"Breeze" - PolarChips ()
"Rocket" - Kevin MacLeod ()
"Glider" - INTL CMD ()
"Operatic 3" - Vibe Mountain ()
"Sneaky Snitch" - Kevin MacLeod ()
"il vento doro" - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind
"Getting It Done" - Kevin MacLeod ()

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