I Watched and Reviewed YOUR Apex Clips (Predator Rank Player Breaks Down Viewer Plays)

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The time is finally here! We begin reviewing YOUR clips you submit to the discord, and give you a Predator/Pro-level opinion on how you can get better! If you like hearing what I have to say about these clips, don't feel shy! Send in your clips to my discord (link down below) and like the video, comment down below what you like about these videos, and don't forget to subscribe!

#Tips&Tricks #Predator #Coaching

Intro/Outro Song is THEME of NOKOKOPUFFS | Lovin' The Vibes by NeatOnTheRocks:

Also Make sure to keep up with me on all my socials as well!

(submit your clips for Noko to review in the future in the #clips-for-coaching discord channel!)
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