I Stole a Meme Build From the BEST Koga Player! - Paladins Stream Highlight

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Welcome back to another video! This is a stream highlight from my Twitch channel where I played Koga with a silly meme build that I took from PirateDonk, an insanely skilled Koga player who I fought in my last Evie video here:

This silly meme build revolves around maxing out jump height during agility and using Adrenaline Junkie to spam the ability like crazy! This makes Koga jump insanely high into the sky like a frog, and enables him to reach ledges that other champions wouldn't be able to reach without an ability, simply by jumping and wall climbing! I have the build from the pro koga, but I don't have the same level of skill. So, will I still be able to make this build work?

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