Golden State Warriors NEW SECRET Star Player For Next Season!

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The Golden State Warriors had one of the most stacked rosters back in 2017 and it is not a secret. Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre Igoudala, Draymond Green, and Harrison Barnes, all those superstars and key players formed the Warriors Death Lineup. But where are all of those players are now? KD plays for the Brooklyn Nets, Igoudala is with the Miami Heat, Barnes is in Sacramento, and Klay is injured for the second year in a row. Only Steph Curry and Draymond Green are fully active players at the moment, and although they are both still extremely skilled players, they are now on the wrong side of 30. The Golden State Warriors needs to focus on young players like James Wiseman and Jordan Poole to cement their future, so today we will talk about the possibilities of the Dubs bringing back their 2020 draft pick, Justinian Jessup.
Also, we will discuss the possibilities of this move and all of its potential ups and downs. But before we start this discussion, I would like you to play sports analytics and try to tell the future of the Dubs’ squad and whether you think Justinian Jessup can become the main factor in our team’s future success. Also, I would really like to hear your opinion as I’m very curious what you, my dear subscribers, Golden State Warriors fans, and just passing-by viewers think about the league’s future. Now grab some snacks, get yourself comfortable and enjoy this video. But before that, smash that like button, subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so already, and hit that notification bell to get updates on our latest NBA content. Also, feel free to leave in a comment section what else you’d like to see from these videos.
Lets keep rolling.
First things first, we will start with taking a look at Justinian’s statistics for the Illawarra Hawks, the team he is currently playing for in the NBL.
Right now, Jessup averages points on 43 field goal percentage with 35 percent coming from beyond the line and a 78 percent free throw percentage. He puts up assists and rebounds each game. All those stats Justinian gets in 30 minutes played every match. Jessup is a 6’7’’ 23 year old guard from Colorado.
This young man makes a large contribution to his team which helps his team to maintain a solid win – losses record, sitting in third place amongst the best NBL teams.
He is very young and might turn out to be a big draft steal if the Warriors choose to move him.

At the moment, one thing is certain when it comes to Justinian's future with the Dubs: the Golden state warriors will invite Justinian Jessup.

All those factors show that the Dubs are really interested in welcoming the young guard but not only have Golden state players recognized Jessup’s game, but the general manager of the Warriors has also expressed his opinion on the young prospect and if there are any possibilities of Justinian making it to Golden State’s roster next season.

However, there is a catch. Not all the big names on the Golden State Warriors believe that Justinian could play next season.

However, there is no assurance that Jessup will see significant playing time this season. Guard Mychal Mulder, who has shined in limited playing time and appears to be filling the same role as Jessup. Expecting Jessup to contribute to Golden State after going halfway across the world in the middle of the season could be a tall order, especially because he had only had a few sessions to get used to the Warriors' system.
Golden State is likely to let Jessup finish his season with Illawarra before attempting to bring him to the United States. Before granting him a position on the regular-season roster, the Warriors would like to see him in Summer League and training camp, that’s for sure.
I also think that acquiring players of Justinian’s type is what the Golden State Warriors should concentrate on. We’ve all seen that Stephen Curry lacks support on the offensive side of the game.

And what is your opinion? Tell me what you think about this move and Justinian Jessup in general. Should Jessup be signed in order to make the Warriors better? If yes, who would you choose, Justinian or Mulder?
Also, do you think that Jessup can become an important player for the Golden State Warriors’ future?
I appreciate every single one of your comments so feel free to tell us what you think in the comments down below, and once again, make sure to leave a like on this video and hit that subscribe button to catch up with the best NBA content.

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