Cheater Got Disqualified!? | $250,000 TWITCH RIVALS WARZONE | Huskers | Aydan | TeePee | Kalei |

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*READ- instead if just disliking the vid straight the info lolol. I said APPARENTLY America was a cheater, even Booya was accused lol but METZY for sure was giving poor excuses last night when talking to

The Plot

More Snippets Of Streamers Chatting About the Hacker

The Next Video I Upload Is Pure Jokes!....this ????‍♂️
me I was crying from laughter!
I was up for this tournament till I saw this BS looool

*The Cheaters Tag’s are ‘Metzy’ & ‘America’ Apparently, watch out for them in the following vids
*Medicine isn’t a cheater apparently

Hope you enjoy! ????
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