Airsoft Alfonse Is CHEATER!! (CONFIRMED) | Abandoned Prison HPA LMG Gameplay!

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Airsoft HPA MK46 LMG Abandoned Prison Gameplay In Florida!

Operation OverWatch 6 Hosted By DoomsDay Airsoft !

Location - Force Training Facility - Immokalee Florida

Pew Pew Device

Polar Star Mk46
-A&k stock mk46 body
-Polarstar fusion engine in it
-Red nozzle
-Amped airsoft braided igl
-Prometheus 469mm barrel
-Bull Gear CNC Hopup unit
-G&G Green Bucking
-Namazu Fire Fly Flat hop Nub
-Bingo Airsoft Works TCU
-FMA PEQ 15 Light Laser Combo
-Element QD Barrel Extension ( Mock Supressor )
-Tattu 800mAh 45C 2S1P Lipo Battery Pack with JST-SYP plug

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