Advanced Jungle Pathing Every Player MUST Know To Climb! | League of Legends Jungle Guide

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???? An in-depth look at ADVANCED JUNGLE PATHING Challenger tips/routes that all junglers need to know in order to climb! | Season 11 Jungle Guide ???? Coaching: ???? Gameplay channel: ???? Support with Patreon: ???? Stream: ???? Become a member! : ???? Discord:

Invading/Jungle Tracking:
Farming Junglers/Umbrella:

We look at advanced challenger jungle pathings/pathing and paths to add to your early jungle Season 11 jungle routes in order to win more and climb faster. Along with the previous videos, you should be able to clear better, gank harder, path better, carry every game, become a greater jungler, and carry yourself to higher ranks!

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Intro/Fundamentals/Context 0:00
Spaghetti Pathing 01:17
Umbrella Jungling 02:37
Pathing Meta/Full Clear Rinse 04:26
Pathing Extrapolations (MAIN) 05:46
Quadrant Clearing/Flow 09:43
Challenger Example 11:27


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